About Me

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So who are you?

Born and raised in London, I graduated in Mechanical Engineering and am now working as a Machine Learning (ML) Engineering Consultant at Accenture, a Management Consulting firm.

Ok, what does ‘In Search of Remarkable Things’ mean?

There’s nothing I find more rewarding in life than learning something which makes me sit up and think “wow, I had never thought about it like that!” This blog is dedicated to all things that invoke this reaction. If you want to bring yourself up to date on matters like the state of Britain’s Brexit negotiations, or reviews of the latest iPhone, I would suggest looking elsewhere. Still, Technology, business and the fascinating ways they intertwine with each other, are the main topics I’ll choose to learn about every day.

What are all these travel articles about?

At the end of October 2017, I threw myself into the deep end and ventured out on my own to Asia to tick off a multitude of bucket list items; travelling around Japan, travelling on a Bullet Train, trying real sushi. I spent a month visiting South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, and returned with almost 4000 photos.

Rather than give you a chronological account of everything I did, I believe it would be much more interesting to pick out the 10 most remarkable things I saw in each country. I am currently adding articles so stay tuned!

You can filter the articles on this blog by country by clicking on the relevant link from the website menu in the top right corner of the page

Is this a photography blog?

I don’t claim to be a photographer, but I do aim for well-structured and colour-balanced photos. Every image on this website is my own, unless otherwise stated. If you have any feedback on my photography skills (good or bad), I would be grateful to hear from you!

Can we meet up for coffee?

Absolutely! You can find me on Facebook or on LinkedIn.

Last question, I promise: what’s the most remarkable thing you’ve ever seen?

Probably this:

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I took the plane above from Dubai to London; one of the smoothest and quietest flights I’ve ever experienced. I have studied the science behind flight and jet engine design as part of my degree. The maths definitely checks out, but some part of me still can’t believe the Airbus A380 shown above can actually take off and fly non-stop for eight hours. Truly an amazing feat of engineering and imagination. I challenge you to show me something more remarkable!